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Ken Chi is a certified Transpersonal Counsellor from the Phoenix Institute of Australia in Melbourne graduating in 2008, over the years he has also studied and acquired many therapeutic modalities and experiences such as Bowen Therapy, Australian Flower Essence, Subconscious Healing Trauma release, Traditional Usui Reiki, Hands on Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing, Colour and Sound Healing. Ken is passionate about helping people rediscover their authentic self where meaning and healing comes together as a way of self-discovery and way of living with creative Soulfulness.  He has travelled and worked both individually and in group with many clients in many countries and is currently based back in his birthplace Hong Kong.  Before Ken entered the healing work he also worked as an industrial designer for a few years after he graduated in QUT in Brisbane Australia in 2001, however in 2003 a series of very profound spiritual awakening experiences prompted him to reorient his life towards healing, so over the next few years of transition he went to study Transpersonal Counselling and later many other healing modalities along the way. Ken is also an artist and photographer as his other passions are portrait and fine art photography, dance and Art.

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Transpersonal Counselling

Ken Chi is a certified Transpersonal Counsellor, Reiki, Energy and Sound healer . He approaches and integrates his therapeutic work with a kind of creative intuition and deep personal healing experiences to the therapeutic process that is holistic, supportive and respectful to both the body and the inner authentic self's journey as a transpersonal empowering story, where personal meaning and power is rediscovered, redefined and remembered. Working with transpersonal tools ranging from sound and energy healing to the subtle bodies and chakra system and transpersonal tools that also targets deep trauma release in a safe environment, issues such as PTSDs, undesired behaviour, chronic health problems, addictions, insomnia, anxiety, physical issues stemming from potential emotional blocks locked in the subconscious, his individual sessions provides a gentle and safe support for the many needs of the client for them to restore their sense of connection and well-being.

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