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Sun, 23 Jun




Aligning to your Soul with the new energies of Source connection is what these sessions are about. THIS MONTH's Session we will have an energetic group alignment as well as individual alignment, upgrade and activations, plus sharing of the hearts relative to your personal and collective journey.

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Time & Location

23 Jun 2024, 9:30 pm – 10:30 pm GMT-4



About this Session

U S H I S H K I 

Hello You,

The last few sessions had been a bit of a surprise for me in that I noted they were even much more powerful than before, yet my relationship to this understanding did not change my inner self in a way that one would expect usually with surprises or expansions... they were kind of like a matter-of-fact type of knowing that I simply noted and went on about my 3D life whatever was next for me. Do I expect this next session to be anything? Yes and No, there is always some expectations because I know I am working with both the unknown and the Higher Spiritual Consciousness that has its own ... intentions, yet on the other hand, the part that doesn't have any expectations is the part that simply has learnt to allow and trusting the process, leaning into this side feels like Home somehow in this moment... 

I am inviting you with this coming session to reflect and review before the session if you were to join us, the energetic nature of your reflections and reviews will align you to whatever it is that this session will be about for you  

I feel this time, I have said enough for this session and I hope to see you there live on Zoom this time

: )

For those who are new, what's written below is for you to have further sense of what these sessions are about... 

The continuation....

What a transforming time we live in... we have all been searching for this big change whether we think we want it or not, and somehow this change has already begun, how we relate to it is largely based on our conditioned mindset and ego that acts as some sort of reference or lack of, the biggest change that we are moving towards as a whole is having more harmony with everything, especially ourselves, so that we may perceive the beauty of creation and touch the truth of who we really are that is truly beyond our imagination, for most people this means opening the Heart towards life, people and themselves. Opening the Heart for a lot of people can be a challenging thing, since we have lived in our minds and learnt about life and the world through our minds mostly, it takes real trust to give up whatever we think we know as true, correct or even valuable that we have come shelter in for security and sense of self. In this coming session, we will expand and open up deeper harmony towards Truth... I will not explain what that means here but if you know me, then you'll probably know that what we do is beyond the mind anyhow.   

The journey so far has shown you that no matter how and where you are, somehow, you are still here, beyond your own expectations fullfilled or not, and that in itself, is a miracle, as the landscape of your inner world shifts towards more beauty in every moment, all we are searching for is our own truer Consciousness, the only thing that is in the way is our conditioning and ideas about anything. 

Yes, it is challenging times and I invite you to join us to share your Being in this session as Spirit prepares again whatever that's in store that I find myself sharing via this vehicle that your Soul is ready to stretch into. 

These sessions are becoming more and more powerful...

We have entered a new phase energetically, many of us whilst feel more finding ourselves in the 3D level way of living and dealing with what seems like problems, energetically there has been a higher harmony.  I was surprised at how powerful energetically the previous session was and I realized that I was simply more present to be in the state of allowing, which is a deeper form, and as usual, these sessions are always about deepening yourself to Source, your Self and your Connection which opens you to the eternal Truth and Beingness that dances along the landscape of infinity.  

And as usual, we will also align to your deeper Heart to connect to the integration of this year's overall changes and transformations as well as downloading new energies for preparing for what is ahead to there will be a deeper sense of Trust, Truth and Love for your Being and this time of transformation.  There may also be some new energies that is related to the ancient but advanced Atlantean consciousness and energies that at this time is having certain relationships with our lives thesedays.

These sessions are about connecting to Source and stretching your spiritual heart and body and swimming in the NEW Humanity and consciousness, this will translate differently depending on what your soul mission is and who you are. Alignment can translates to different forms of transformations and one that you may not expect it to look like.  

Humanity is entering a new phase, and many of you are part of a new energy that is here to support and assist this transition, to be connected to Oneness is about aligning your consciousness that has been caught in the human stories of the old and separation to what is already here.  The oldest and most held stories are those of that has made you close your heart, in allowing your heart to be opened one must allow the old pains to surface and be released, this special session will have this template also to support it to allow you to further stretch your comfort zone of separation so you can be more at peace with the incoming changes of heart openings of humanity that will surface more seemingly old wounds. Aside that it will strengthen your connection to your own nature whatever that maybe. 

THIS MONTH's Session we will have an energetic group alignment as well as individual alignment, upgrade and activations, plus sharing of the hearts relative to your personal and collective journey. These sessions can become transformational, healing, harmonizing and restoring on many levels. 

For anyone new to this work, you will be 'activated' to connect and relate to both your Soul and Source in a way that is accelerated, you can read more here in this link below:



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