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Being your Purpose is simply Being You

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

For many years, I have come to realize that the 'sense' of purpose is often an inner-alignment to my own nature, a quality of the soul essence or design that I found myself beING 'from' an energetic vibration point, that this beING FROM could be a result of me just resting in my creativity (which makes me create into a form of 'doing' but from Beingness, or goodness, or inner-knowing. 

I think people try to look for purpose on the outside 'first' like they're trying to choose what that purpose should be and then they think they will align to it. But that I think doesn't work, or could take a long time speaking from experience...

I feel it's actually the other way, that you align to yourself in such a way that you REdiscover your nature, essence or design and then purpose becomes a revealation and a momentum that simply follows. 

For example, it's like you align to your creative essence (and I believe everyone is actually creative when they realize creativity is not limited to only artistic expression, e.g. resolving some logistical problem that requires a lot of left brain is also a form of creativity), and then you decide to paint portriats, or write poetry, whatever you create or write, it is deeply personal and one's sense of purpose is then a realization that you actually got this gift and you need to share it to the world or with life, and then the HOW is that journey that you embark on, more so like a delivery boy delivering the meal that is already created by the masterchef. I don't think the delivery boy , or the route he takes is actually that important to the entire equation although they play a part, but it's what is in the meal, and to whom it is for. Like supply and need/demand where your essence is a natural form of supply to somebody/things elses' need/demand.

When these two dots (energies) connect there is an alchemly, a dialogue, new relationship in existance, a union or reunion.  So to me, it's really about sitting in that vibration of that essence of yourself that is a gift 'needed' to the world, whatever that maybe, it could be kindness, goodness,acceptance, love, passion, sensuality, intelligence, wisdom, beauty, whatever it is, then purpose actually is just that path between A to B and it happens naturally as a by-product when you discover and sit in your own self, and whoever or whatever that is on the receiving end, purpose could be then created as meaning FOR THEM and BY THEM... which from the Chef's point of view, they are simply doing what they're good at, fullfilling their design or nature, to cook great meals...

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